The BWradar77G is the latest 77Ghz Microwave radar blind spot detection system, offering a longer range and more detailed detection system over our standard BWradar2. This system is fitted on the front near and offside of a vehicle with a detection distance of up to 30m. The BWradar77G offers two options. Contact us today.

Option 1
For use as a blind spot warning system from stationary, monitoring the whole side of the vehicle and warning of any VRU moving towards the fitted vehicle.

Option 2
Operates above 30mph for use as vehicle blind spot system, only giving warning of vehicles in adjacent vehicle blind spot system, only giving warning of vehicles in adjacent lanes. Whilst our original BWradar will only warn of vehicles traveling faster than the fitted vehicle, BWradar77G will warning of all vehicles (faster/slower/same speed) in blind spot. It will detect vehicles in 3rd lane, but will not warn., providing full. Systems operates independently of indicators but offering additional warning alerts when indicating. Fitted to both near and offside.

– Sensor Number:
– Speed Operation:
Option 1 Stationary
Option 2 Above 30mph
– Detection Distance:
– Warning System –
 No indicator:
 Indicator Operated:
– Frequency:
– Detection Ability:
– Receiving Signal:
– Operating Voltage:
– Sensor IP rating:
– Operating Temperature:

Up to 30m from sensor

Illuminating LED fitted to A pillar when in detection zone
Flashing LED with additional Bleeping warning
Multiple targets
4 axis
-20°C – +85°C
EMARK (E9*10R06100*22004*00), CE


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