BWradar2/4 Sensor

The BWradar2/4 Sensor is either a 2 or 4 sensor, microwave radar blind spot detection system, offering significant advantages over traditional ultra sonic sensors. Designed to identify movement so warning only of approaching road users and pedestrians, thus greatly eliminating false alarms from “road furniture”. Wide angle of detection providing full coverage within the detection zone. Systems operates independently of indicators but offering additional warning alerts when indicating. Fitted to both near and offside. Contact us today.

– Sensor Number:
– Speed Operation:
– Detection Distance –
2 sensor:
4 sensor:
– Warning System –
 No indicator:
 Indicator Operated:
– Frequency:
– Detection Ability:
– Operating Voltage:
– Sensor IP rating:
– Operating Temperature:
2 or 4 sensors
0 mph to 100 mph

Human L 5-6m, w 3m, Vehicle 10m L, w 3m
Human L 10-12m, w 3m, Vehicle 20m l, w 3m

Illuminating LED fitted to A pillar when in detection zone
Flashing LED with additional Bleeping warning
24 – 24.25ghz
5 targets at any one time
-20°C – +85°C
EMARK (E9*10R06100*22004*00), CE


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